Morning anchor Deb Lawler departs News 1030 WBZ just weeks after celebrating her 35th anniversary at the station. How do you feel about the first day of school? We're lucky to do our job because we could never do this. What if people are watching you? We talk to Thomas Rhett and we have just a little bit of fun with him about his song, "Beer Can't Fix.". What is something that you loved but when it became popular, it was ruined for you? We talk to former St. Jude Patient, Paige Lazorenko, about her time at St. Jude to kick off this year's #MNForStJude campaign! Does this annoy you? Kevin ONeill exits as morning host at Classic Hits Kool 104.5 KKFG and regional sales associate. Sep 26, 2022. . Gallagher started at the station as afternoon host in the 1980s. It may be because of your gender! Brett Young is going to be the new spokesperson for Single Awareness Day! Thank you so much for being a part of it with us! Production Director Mark Ranger Bob Erickson departs. Taylor Swift reveals something in her new documentary that comes as a surprise to us all. Steve Rosen exits as local Bobby Bones Show producer on Country 101.9 The Twister KTST. Kirk Cousins stopped by the studio today and we talked Minnesota, football and being a man of faith! We discuss We talk with Gary LeVox from Rascal Flatts about what he has up his sleeve for Twin Cities Summer Jam! We catch up with our old friend, Maverick before Thanksgiving . We talk to Matt Stell about who he is dating, his friendship with Adam Thielen, missing touring and more! Have you been noticing this on social media too? Aaron Salazar is out as APD/MD and Imaging Director at Hot AC My 99.5 KJMY, Soft AC Easy 99.1 K256AE and Rock 106.7 KAAZ. We catch up with Lindsay Ell about her new record and the hell she has been through in her life. Is Valentine's Day a real holiday? Kia seems to think so Is social media to blame for this person's death? what happened to maverick on k102. Us too. We talked to Walker Hayes & Craig Cooper about their new book and how they became best friends! WATCH MY NEW PUPPY: what happened with Maverick. Would the old you go on spring break right now? Mentally, physically, quality of life, etc. Fast Freddie Woak exits afternoons at Rock 93.3 The Wolf WNCD. Brian Crash Edwards is out as PD of Rock TK 101 101.5 WTKX. What will be the new name of the Washington Redskins? Jim Big Jim Donovan Dunagan departs middays at WYYY. Do you know that they're taking advantage of you? She also hosted afternoons at AC Sunny 105.3 KBFP Bakersfield remotely. He was told about his wife's pregnancy before she will even know herself. Alex Womer is out as Assistant Production Director for the cluster and afternoon host on Fox Sports 1330 WFNN. Rating. Who have you found very disappointing in 2019?! Jeff Haber exits as Program Director of Variety Hits104.1 The Spot KVDU 104.1 and CHR 102.5 WFMF Baton Rouge. Win a Pair of Tickets to the Big Ten Women's Basketball Tournament. How does somebody sleep through their alarm?! With the state fair kicking off tomorrow, we have a lot of stories from the past to share! Find out what happened! We are down for the challenge and we're rappelling down a 14-story building! Seth Harp departs as PD/afternoon host at Sports 97.3 The Game 930 WFXJ, while Kerry Belkin departs as afternoon producer. We tell you why it's totally bogus! Maverick played Jesus in a play that happened at their church for 4 years. We talked to Ashley McBryde who is in Nebraska on her way to Winstock! We're talking with Ingrid Andress on today's podcast! Ron Keyes Stokes departs as Imaging/Production Director and afternoon hosts at WQRB. Turns out cleaning makes you feel good? Program Director Tony Bristol exits News/Talk WTAG 580/94.9 and AC WSRS 96.1. We have the place for you! Way to go, Sam! McKaila is making steps to get a dogwithout telling Matt We talk with Gabby Barrett, or as Chris calls her, Gabby Bruce, about life in quarantine, if she's BFF's with Luke Bryan and her new album which is out TODAY! In honor of St. Patrick's Day this weekend, we hit you with some fun facts! The whole world is ripping him and it's not really his fault, is it? We debate what is the worst sound. McKaila was surprised when Matt does something for her, but now her expectations are too high Chris is wondering if this will work for him. David Harbour AKA Jim Hopper from "Stranger Things" stopped by the studio to discuss the new season of "Stranger Things," Minnesota and more! iHeartMedia "K102" KEEY Minneapolis morning co-host McKaila Poppen will exit the station next week for an opportunity outside radio. I repeat, a MAN went on a rant about WOMEN & tampons. Austin and Matt have similar ideas about where they want to live and Kia and McKaila are not on board. Do you think these are the happiest places on earth? Warren Chris Warren Garlingis out after 18 years on weekends at Classic Hits 98.3 WTRY. David DJ Tripp Smith exits nights at Hip Hop 96.3 WJIZ. Get your tickets now at! The new movie that everyone is talking about, but nobody wants to see How long do you stick with a show before you give up on it? Nov 24, 2021. Seems a little extreme, right? Well, if you want to go on the show, there are some rules you have to follow Why do we always have to ruin a good thing? It's Chris' birthday so we are giving him a ton of crap, which he hates and we love! Amazon Prime Day is here! The cold has got the best of us, but we're still tougher than the rest of the country. If youve been let go and wish to share your contact information to be published, reach out at [emailprotected]. K102 is my favorite COUNTRY. Nothing stops Parmalee & Blanco Brown from going #1, even a motorcycle accident! I love you guys! Well, we started on one topic & went way off the rails McKaila fills us in on her trip to Hawaii! Will some of our traditions or formalities go away for good now because of COVID? Not too many women would let their husband do what Jason Aldean is about to do McKaila has come up with a way to try to get her self to stop eating out so much. Chris and Kia don't think it will work, but Maverick sides with McKaila. Mixers Jimi O and DJ Sandman exits Hip-Hop 95.7 The Beat WBTP. Turns out, we make a lot of sounds that annoy each other. We discuss What movie do you think should be added to this list? Morning host Dave Levora and afternoon host Jim Fisher depart News/Talk 1420 WOC. We talk to Lauren Akins, AKA Thomas Rhett's wife, about her new book, "Live In Love.". englewood section 8 housing. Are you following this Adam Levine story? Here's what's going on in the world & how it's affecting us. Would you want people to know where you are at at all times? Is there anything that you're afraid to bring up in your relationship? Dave Schaefer is out as Senior VP/Programming and PD of Country 102.1 KTRA. Real life "Squid Games" is happening. Afternoon hosts John Ramsey and Mike Rutherford exit Sports 790 WKRD Louisville as does longtime University of Louisville play-by-play voice Paul Rogers. We talk to Dierks Bentley about new music, what he's been up to in the last year, his new flow and more! Would you buy this? Weren't we all taught NOT to do this as children? We sure do We chat with Dan + Shay about A LOT of stuff! Win Elle Kings Tickets @ Palace Theatre. Here's the latest. McKaila watched "The Puppet Master" on Netflix & she thinks EVERYONE should watch it. Do soul mates exist? Darwin Babysitter White exits as Program Director/afternoon host at Hip Hop Z92.3 KIIZ. Mollie Kendrick exits as morning co-host at Hot AC Cities 97.1 KTCZ. Ever had these thoughts? Plus, it's bad for your health! Steve Knoll is out as PD at Country KMAG 99.1. Do you agree?! Ashley Z departs nights at CHR 96.5 Kiss-FM WAKS. We chat with Chris Janson about new music, family, music videos and more! Greg is home from the Ukraine and he fills us in on what he witnessed. Chris pulled an April Fool's Day prank a day early on McKaila. Do you agree with the ladies on these attractive celebs? Brittany Tully is out as PD of Country WYNK 102.5. McKaila's bachelorette party this weekend caused quite the aftermath. Charlene Swenson 2022-05-25 18:13:00. Kevin K.O. OConnor departs as PD/afternoon host at Hot AC Mix 104.7 KIYS. We discuss! You can hear Chris Carr & Company mornings on 102.1-K102 from 5am-10am and when you just can't get enough, check out what else they have to say on "I Tell You What." . Adrie Acosta departs as morning show producer at KPRR. Scott can be reached at [emailprotected] and 901-634-7902. Terry J departs the PK In The Morning show at CHR Power 96.1 WWPW and middays at Hip Hop 96.7 The Beat WRDG. Bree Wagner is out as APD/MD at KAJA and Classic Country 92.5/93.3 The Bull KRPT San Antonio and Country 98.1 KVET-FM and 100.7 KASE Austin. Does this guy make you feel like the worst person in the world? Jordan Davis is heading to Minnesota this weekend and he's ready! Chris has been having issues with his heart rate and he FINALLY went to the doctor. What started as a conversation about weird things people have said/done after break-ups, turned into an even weirder conversation about strip clubs McKaila's on a new diet and she's wondering if it's worth it. Minnesota is one of the least sexy accents?! Would you let someone know if their significant other had cheated on them? Paul area and online at Should this year's Super Bowl have an asterisk next to it? joseph newman cause of death; long island heat softball; yellow aunt jemima cookie jar; can you have chickens in clinton township mi; jack mcguire obituary Program Director/midday host Brodie exits CHR Mix 97.7 WWXM. What would you be willing to do to get sports back? McKaila doesn't want to accept that sometimes grandparents need loving too McKaila is getting some unique requests for music at her wedding. Don't ever let your road rage get THIS BAD! Autore dell'articolo: Articolo pubblicato: 16/06/2022 Categoria dell'articolo: fixed gantry vs moving gantry cnc Commenti dell'articolo: andy's dopey transposition cipher andy's dopey transposition cipher Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and Kia has some confusing feelings about it Jameson Rodgers joins us for today's episode! Miles Teller as Lt. Bradley "Rooster" Bradshaw. Is this normal or is she disgusting? McKaila hopes so Do you believe in ghosts? Anne Urist, executive producer and afternoon host at WMIB is also out, as is Nick Pena, morning producer at WMIA 93.9. Hey kids, don't do what this girl did to try and go viral You wanna know the best way to focus on something? Chris Carr, one of the most popular radio personalities in town, leaves country WUBE-FM (105.1) on Friday after six years. 100.3 WHEB Portsmouth NH Production Director and afternoon host Matt Leonard can be reached at (508)320-5002. Join us for a heavy dose of research with a dash of comedy thrown in for flavor. We talk to Lady A about their current single, tour and put them to the test with identifying their "Whoah's.". Elizabeth Banks opened up about feeling judged for using a surrogate. People are saying, it wasn't exactly pleasant. A message that everyone, especially the ladies, should hear! Joe Gallagher departs as weekend host at News-Talk 810/103.1 WGY. A former "Bachelor" came out as gay this morning. McKaila watched a new documentary that she recommends to everyone. Newsletter. Today we got to mess with Garth Brooks and it was awesome! The queen of country music, REBA, talks to US! Geoff G-Off Owens exits as PD/afternoon host at Hip Hop Jamn 107.5 KXJM. McKaila revealed something today that we feel an overwhelming need to talk about. We talk to Darius Rucker about some new suggestions for "Beers & Sunshine," who is ideal duet partner is & of course, we HAVE to mess with him a little bit! We talk to Luke Combs about his new album, wedding planning, his proposal story and more! You may not want to or do you?! Paige Tawny Holland departs as Production Director and on-air host for Classic Hits Big 99.3 WTUP and CHR KZ103 WWKZ. Vince Camp departs as host of Serenata dItalia on WNIO. Chris wants to know what to do with 2 teenagers in the house? Someone in the public eye did something to catch our attention! McKaila got a letter in the mail from someone she doesn't know Should she be worried? He can be reached at [emailprotected], 801-558-2579 or @Aaronsalazar801. Here's what you need to know What is your personality trait that makes up your whole identity? Morning hosts Dave Spencer and Teresa Lukens exit News/Talk 590 KQNT. We catch up with Granger Smith about his new music, his new puppy and more! Sometimes you have to wonder why the people you love put up with THIS one thing that you doand vice versa. Win Kelsea Ballerini Tickets. Cameron Hendricks is out as News Director at News/Talk 1450 WKIP/1370 WJIP. Ted Ziegenbusch departs weekends at KOST. Yeah, us too Chris revealed yesterday that McKaila did something to disappoint his family and now there may be tension What you see on social media isn't always what you get Chris is becoming the guy he never wanted to be Do you love The Oscars? A politician in Illinois wants to BAN beer pong!! Robert Feder reports that all three remaining local evening jocks have been let go in Chicago. Kevin Lunchbox Bennett is out as Production director & afternoon host on Rock 97.5 KMOD. Except for one thing Do you like the original or sequel better? Meredith Lane departs as host of The 9 at 9 on CHR 104.5 The Cat WLKT. Country 92.5 WESC midday host Lizz Ryals exits. Hendricks can be reached at [emailprotected]. McKaila is FED UP with this right now. We got to talk to LOCASH this morning and it was one big LOVE FEST! We got a call from a CMA Winner already this morning and the show didn't even start yet! What random thing is on your bucket list? Which celebrity would you want to be president? People share the most brutal things their grandma's have said to them! Football is BACK, and so is the roller coaster of emotions Where were you when the world stopped turning? We can Chris' dog, Aaron, didn't have the best day, but he is okay! People want to go viral for the craziest things Lori Loughlin is going to prison, but it sounds more like a country club McKaila gets her dog today! We caught up with Ashley McBryde to talk CMA's, revenge and more! Are you this close with your co-workers? Adam Savage departs as Program Director of Rock 96.9 The Dog KDAG. Steve Kramer exits mornings at CHR Channel 93.3 KHTS-FM. Kyle Hendricks departs as midday and weekend personality at CHR Star 104 WRTS. Reggie Brown has exited afternoons at Hip Hop V100.7 WKKV after 21 years. Article continues below advertisement. Bromo Abromowitz exits mornings on Classic Rock 105.3 The Fox KZPR. Do you remember these things?! There are a lot of questions right now around Bob Saget's death. Kia has a recommendation for us to check out & of course, McKaila & Chris can't take it seriously Maybe we should rethink gender reveal parties Is this the best or worst Mother's Day gift? What website would you never want to go down? Can you beat McKaila in "Friends" trivia? Someone like this lives in Minnesota?! Mix Show Coordinator/weekend host Nick Nack departs Rhythmic CHR 99.1 KGGI. With the surprising passing of Gilbert Gottfried, it leaves us wondering, who will be next? Mixer/hosts Jazzy T and Moran Tha Man exits WRDG. Daniel Rucker departs as APD/afternoon host at CHR Radio Now 98.9 WNRW. We all have milestones. Email. Chris has you covered! It was an interesting weekend, followed by a complete & utter breakdown this morning on the air. Lee Brice called and it got off the rails before it starte. What types of things do guys just NOT get? Mark French departs as morning host on Hot AC Mix 98.9 WMXY. What would you do if you weren't doing your current job? We talk about whether you should ask your child's permission for certain things We are so happy that football is back! Where is the craziest place you've ever been naked? 9,128 talking about this. The holidays were not good to our bodies What are you doing to lose weight in 2020? Everything is being rescheduled for 2021 - so how busy are we gonna be?! It's been a while, so we play Would You Rather Wednesday! How Girls Talk with Amy, McKaila and Rachel, Win Tyler Hubbards @ The Varsity Theater Tickets, 'The Rachael Ray Show' To End After 17 Seasons, We're Celebrating Women Who Make Music & Culture, 'Saving Private Ryan' Star Tom Sizemore Dead At 61, Brittany Aldean Treats Instagram Followers To A Look At Family's New Home, Morgan Wallen Unleashes Long-Awaited 36-Track Album: 'One Thing At A Time', Camila Alves Shares Chaotic Experience On Texas Flight Struck By Lightning, Ingrid Andress Adds 3 Powerful Tracks To 'Good Person' With Tour Underway, Charles Esten Dedicates Romantic Ballad To His Wife Of 31 Years, Morgan Wallen To Livestream Packed Bridgestone Arena Concert How To Watch, Dierks Bentley To Kick Off Summer Tour With Star-Studded Lineup, Big Ten Womens Basketball Tournament @ Target Center 2023, Winter Games with Amy James - Cozzie's in Stillwater, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. Carly Pearce is coming to town & we got to catch up with her before she does! Kelsea Ballerini and Morgan Evans are calling it quits after almost 5 years of marriage. It seems like everyone is a little worked up these days and they're taking it out on their email McKaila is frustrated by something she's been trying to do. Will you be afraid to go back to normal after this? Cliff Avril exits as midday co-host at Sports 950 KJR. Producer/Reporter Trey Downey exits Sports 620 WDAE. What is your favorite social media platform? It might be time to take the phones away from kids and here's why Can you remember the saddest meal you've ever had? Salazar also held air shifts on all three. Please enter your username or email address to reset your password. Happy Halloween! Chris got called out today on-air and we're wondering if it was justified? Check out the quick video below! Chris' kids are back to school (in-school) today and there are some mixed feelings. Which of the cereal mascots do you think would be the worst "serial killer?". Kia and Austin have been having some serious discussions about marriage and weddings. News/Talk 1370 WSPD sees the departure of Program Director Dan Nawrocki and morning show staffers Jerry Pickering and Don Zellers. What stuff do you do because you know your significant other loves it? The new season of "The Bachelor" is coming soon! Kia is missing her favorite summer activity, which is currently off-limits because of COVID-19 and she doesn't understand why. Get to know Chris, Kia, and McKaila - Mornings from 5am-10am on 102.1-K102! We chat with Charles Kelly of Lady A about "Champagne Nights," finding faith, golf and see how well he knows his own songs! Campbell also served as PD/afternoon host at CHRs Kiss 95.1 WFKS Melbourne FL and 107.1 Kiss-FM WGMY Tallahassee. K102 has been my home since 2009. We chat with Brothers Osborne about their new album, remembering Eddie Van Halen, how well they know other famous brothers and more! What is a movie you loved as a kid that you can't stand now? Do you think this is too much or they should be doing this? McKaila is ALL IN on "Bachelor In Paradise" for one specific reason. Anybody else have this issue? Leland Conway is out as 9am-12pm host at News/Talk 840 WHAS Louisville after six plus years. What did you have to do at your first job? Is there an age you think people should stop trick or treating? A school in high school now has a dress code for parents. And when you go to the stores, this is the stuff you won't find. Do you buy it? McKaila's mom got a strange phone call the other day. Bill 'Cougar' Cortell Sign-up at to record your favorite station or show. Mauricio exits Hip Hop 103.5 The Beat WMIB. All in the name of safety when riding a bicycle. By continuing to use this website you are giving consent to cookies being used. Last night, hundreds were arrested for protesting in Minneapolis and a lot of people don't really know why Election Day may be over, but the results aren't quite in, and we're wondering what the hell happened?! The woman who created the gender reveal party wants them to come to an end and we can totally see why Would you rather receive compliments more often or more sincere compliments less often? Chris had an embarrassing moment at the doctor's office yesterday McKaila is NOTORIOUS for buying useless stuff.. Who is in your top 10 female singers of all time?! Zytle also hosted weekends on KEGL Dallas. What thing that no longer exists would you love to make a comeback? When did you hit your peak in life? 20 ribeyes for $29 backyard butchers; difference between bailment and contract. We chat with Cole Swindell about 90's country, his new album, his relationship and more! Sunday Jim Loberg departs his Sunday night slot on News/Talk 1110 KFAB. I miss him a lot and wish I could be with him every day but things ha. Naomi Judd passed away this weekend & the country music community is heartbroken. How did you know a marriage wouldn't last? Patriots fans were harassing Patrick Mahome's girlfriend the other day, and then Patriots fans started brawling EACH OTHER.

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